Friday, November 04, 2005

Work phones went down this morning...

Yep, Our phones went down. So I call the phone company's tech line to see what was the matter. Come to find that the number I dialed is not in service. Hmm, I thought. Odd, So I checked the number to make sure I was dialing it correctly, and I was. I checked online for a Tech line number for TelePacific Comm. and its the same number. Hmm.. So I call the Sales number they have listed for them, Same issue, Very Strange. I come to find out that not only Did Our phones here go down but so did a few others in the Inland Empire and Orange County. So I sit and wait for TelePacific to get their stuff up and working. I've looked online for News about this, but I have found nothing on it.

UPDATE: 12:01 Pm
Phones work again. I'm curious as to what happened at the phone company.

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